Ali is a leader, he feels responsible for his friends even though he’s the youngest. He always pushes his team to get the best footage and do the best job in general. He loves his best friends and hangs out with them all the time. He’s THE BIGGEST film geek and displays this quite often by quoting everything from Kubrick to Fincher.


My character Esta is a girl who has moved to a new town and met three boys. Esta promotes herself as stubborn, determined and bossy. Esta does not take no for an answer and will do everything in her power when faced with a challenge.


Diego is definitely the more eccentric one of the group always having an eye for romance and story telling especially within classic films and songs of bands such as The Who, the Beatles, The Doors and Grateful Dead. He’s always there for his friends and loves to have fun with impressions and improvised voices while still engaging in friendly teasing. He really enjoys being part of a group of tightly knit friends.


Mike is a bit of a nerd. He comes off somewhat timid, however, when he opens his mouth, he’s far from it. I would say Mike lacks some basic social cues… a lot of social cues. Mike enjoys to randomly spit out facts to things no one cares about. Mike comes off as the quiet one of the group, although once the topic changes to anything tech related… he can talk forever. 

Roman Blanchette

Roman Blanchette owns just about everything in Personville. And he acts like it, too. He likes to hold sway over his sad sack brother, Reginald, who gives Roman fits with his general ineptitude. Roman has a bigoted and entitled view of the world. But a long held, heinous family secret could bring his world crashing down on him

Reginald Blanchette

Reginald is an entitled, shallow and dim man who resents his younger (smarter) brother who has taken control of the family fortunes. I also think that Reginald is funny and naive.

Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose is the silent type who has been kept hidden from society, due to her family secrets. She seems helpless at times, but that never stops her from protecting her loved ones and fighting for the truth. Sarah Rose knows what’s right and wrong even if it means exposing her family history.


Enki is a lovable man suffering years of abuse by his relatives; an unloved child that could survive and love others unconditionally; we worked the character with writer and director Azed through a series of conversations regarding kids with special needs, starting with his own son, Django. I used him as a main source; after visiting his house once, I couldn’t but admire Django’s incredible energy, contagious smile and particular way to share his love and appreciation to his family; I also took some elements from my own son, a 3-years-old kid, understanding that Enki was a child that was never allowed to grow; I tried applying that curious mix of innocence and sharp smartness of a toddler into the story.


Hildy Johnson is the Editor in Chief at the Personville Gazette, a small town newspaper. She is the first female Editor in Chief in the history of the paper. She strikes me though as the type to not sit around thinking of her accomplishments much since she is too busy in her investigative work fueled by a passion for the truth. That energy has kept the paper true to its journalistic commitments even if they have come under attack since Roman Blanchette took over ownership of the publication. These young people, in a way, remind her of herself before the hands of capitalism and greed muddied the water. 


Carmine is a family guy. He knows about respect, tradition, and good hair. He means no trouble, unless you’re serving it – then all bets are off. And don’t worry, he’d never throw a punch – his hands are his life, making him money since he was 14. That’s why he’s got them insured – he was inspired by JLo’s insured legs. 


Paul had aspirations of being a singer and touring the world selling out arenas. Things didn’t turn out the way he planned and he ended up falling on some hard times. Roman Blanchette had always liked him and thought he was talented, so he gave Paul a job as a security guard, keeping people away from the hidden house. Although Paul doesn’t agree with what goes on in the house and wants to help, he needs the security job and battles with his loyalty to the Blanchette family since they were the ones to give him a second chance.


My character Phil is a very mysterious guy with a bit of an ‘otherworldiness’ to him although he is quite humble and human at heart.  I remember when we were doing our scenes the kids were always locked in and played along with my character in a way where I felt we all connected well in a very short day of shooting.  That’s incredibly rewarding when you can work together as a cast and crew and walk away feeling good about what you’ve created.      


My character Jerome was interesting to say the least.  He was a genuine man with a lot of knowledge and a deep connection as to who he was and where he came from and he dedicated himself to sharing that with anyone willing to learn. His patience could wear thin fairly quickly, but he always had what was best at heart.

Professor Baldwin

Mr. Baldwin loves his work. He can spend hours reading books and investigating a subject of interest. He may come off a little grumpy, but he’s always willing to help solve a good mystery


Magda is a kind of weird girl who doesn’t have many friends and tries to cover up for it by being snarky. She likely has a crush on some (or all) of the boys, so she teases them, and likes to find herself in places that she knows they will be.


Murilo had a hard childhood, no parents and so lived on the streets.  He was arrested during the war.  Suffered a lot of torture. He lost his arm when he was saving his best friend.  He expresses his feelings and emotions through his “laughter”.

Billy Blanchette

Billy is the son of the richest man in town so he basically bullies everyone and thinks he owns the place. 


My character was Doug, he was a bully for sure but he was also a follower. He stayed behind and played off of the lines of Billy the other bully.

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones is a long time resident of the town.  He is a regular at Carmine’s Barber Shop. A little older a little grumpier but knows where the bodies are buried and the secrets kept.


Keiran is a manchild who loves conspiracy theories and ice cold refreshments.


Small town news anchor with a big city attitude. The type of woman who does not know the meaning of casual and achieves her voluminous blowout with a healthy mix of hairspray and secrets. Don’t be fooled by her on air charm, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind even if that means firing the intern for putting Splenda instead of Stevia into her morning double shot. A whiskey in a tea cup kind of gal who’s personality isn’t for the faint of heart. 

Mrs. Gordon

I played Mrs. Gordon, one of Personville’s long time residents. She is a down to earth conservative with a bit of a wild imagination.


Where do I even begin with Michelle? Well she is a young mom who is quite paranoid.  She believes that any and everyone in her town is a Satanist.  She’s the type of woman to triple check both ways before she crosses the street, can never be too safe!


Raven is an edgy goth girl who is stuck in your typical suburban dream town, aka Raven’s nightmare. She cannot wait to get out of Personville to make a name for herself and can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in living in this boring town, never mind making a movie about it.


Sally is a pretty mellow and laid-back girl who is also Keiran’s girlfriend. She’s not into following mainstream trends and usually walks to the beat of her own drum. You can always find her hanging out at the skatepark with her other stoner friends.

Young Jerome

Young Jerome is the son of Jerome Squire-Hill.  He’s a little shy and his friends call him J. J. (Jerome Jr.).