About the series
Interview with Art Director, Alessandra Vai
Interview with Director, Azed Majeed

Secrets of a Small Town

Four teenagers from Personville make a special documentary about the mysterious hidden house in the woods and the powerful forces who conspire to keep it a secret. Throughout their journey, their bravery, courage and strength are put to the test.

In the first episode, we meet the four teens and learn about the town’s history and the importance of its elite families.  The second episode delves into the history and legends surrounding the hidden house in the woods. It is only in the third episode that the viewers get to see the true power of the town’s prominent Blanchette family – their connections to: politics, the television station, newspaper, radio and real estate.

In the fourth episode, we learn “who or what” is in the hidden house. Afterwards, the teens decide to break-in to the house to get some answers and finally get to the truth. In the final episode, they expose the Blanchettes, contributing to their fall from society and we see a new citizen join Personville.

The Hidden House

Personville teen residents, Ali, Diego, Mike and Esta are best friends who make short films in their spare time.  The four of them enter an online contest called “My Home Town” which tasks competitors to make a documentary about their town and what makes it special.

Personville is a nice, quiet small town but all small towns have secrets. The four young filmmakers decide to do a movie about the “hidden house”.  Everyone in Personville knows about the legend of the “hidden house” in the woods.  Some say it’s a cult, others say a monster lives there, some think it’s some government conspiracy, but no one knows for sure.  The kids set out to interview the townsfolk to get to the bottom of the mystery.

In the end, the kids win the competition with their exposé of one of the town’s elite families and the Hidden House. They become viral sensations and decide to continue using filmmaking to expose other “secrets” in other towns.