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Episode 1: Welcome to Personville

Esta, Ali, Diego and Mike introduce us to their hometown of Personville. In this episode, the kids take us through a brief history of the town and of the prominent Blanchette family who own all the media and industry in Personville. They also introduce the myth of The Hidden House, a fabled house deep in the woods, guarded and fenced off. People in Personville have all kinds of theories and stories about the Hidden House, and there seems to be a connection between the house and the Blanchettes that goes back to the late 1800’s when fur trapper Pierre Blanchette cheated the local Indigenous tribes to build an empire.

Episode 2: Sightings & Super Soldiers

In this episode the kids talk with Hildy Johnson, the managing editor of the Personville Gazette and with Professor Baldwin.  They find out more about the mysterious Hidden House; military experiments, strange sightings, weird sounds, and why Roman & Reginald Blanchette have stopped all of their attempts to enter the grounds where the Hidden House stands. Also, the kids encounter a strange janitor at the library.

Episode 3: Citizens of Personville!

The kids talk with the local citizenry of Personville about the legends of the Hidden House.  They talk with Mrs. Gordon who thinks it’s a cult. Slackers Keiran & Sally think it’s either anarchists or ghosts.  Michelle says it’s devil worshippers who live among us.  Raven, the Goth girl rolls her eyes and questions why anyone would waste time on making a film about Personville and Phil the homeless guy, speaks of his time on the planet Zoroaster.

Episode 4: The Brother’s Blanchette

The kids dig deeper into the Blanchette family lore and find out about a long-dead sister. Town barber Carmine Staltari gossips about how his Aunt Rose, once a nanny for the Blanchettes had an affair with patriarch Charles Blanchette, Roman & Reginald’s father. The Blanchettes seem to be hiding something, and the kids decide they have to infiltrate the grounds to see for themselves and find out the truth about who or what is in the Hidden House.

Episode 5: Infiltrate!

The kids execute their plan to infiltrate the grounds where the Hidden House sits. With code names and night goggles and a bag full of gear, they set out to break in and reveal the truth once and for all. Tensions are high as they make their way to the fence that surrounds the Hidden House, and before they can get in–the camera dies. The kids decide to recreate the whole break in scene using clay models and sets that include booby traps, masked attackers and a confrontation with the “creature” who reveals his true identity. Don’t miss this one!

Episode 6: What’s in the Barn?

Now that the truth of who was living in the Hidden House has been revealed, the kids go back to the area with the inhabitants and are joined by the new owner, Mohawk Elder Jerome Squire-Hill. Together they tour the grounds and learn more about the two mysterious inhabitants who were locked away in the house for many years.  The kids become curious about the menacing looking barn on the property and are told that a military man named Major Keyhoe is keeping something secret in the barn that not even the inhabitants know anything about. What do they find in the barn? Watch and find out!